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Accord Consult is a consultancy organisation working in the health and care sector offering training, practical advice, support and supplementary services to care agencies in the creating, developing and managing their businesses.

Formed to provide professional services to potential and established care agency owners, the Director and staff of Accord Consult all have many years’ practical experience in this field. We work in partnership with governments, Local authorities, Health Professionals and Care Agencies to bring together knowledge, expertise and influence to ensure everyone has improved health care delivered.

Our approach is simple, flexible, responsive and well-tailored. We use training to drive improvements in the quality of services being delivered, and enable business owners and Managers to use this information to deliver ‘OUTSTANDING’ service.


Have you asked yourself recently if your business has stayed true to its values?

Are you outstanding quality healthcare proven?

Are you preparing for a CQC inspection?

Are you safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led?


For every instance of a company poorly handling fallout, there’s a counterexample where another does the right thing.

Do everything you can to stay true to your company’s brand identity.

It does you no good to say you’re the best at what you do if you have no systems to ensure you do your best at what you do.

You don’t need a disaster, though, to take stock of your brand identity.

What are your company’s values? And do you live them even when times are tough?


It’s time to do something simply and effectively

You must focus on 3 certain priorities:

1. Identify problems.

2. Minimise procedures.

3. Maximise team.

 Accord Consult will support you to build the best possible team with your internal resources and be the external resources in order to strengthen your team and fill the gaps.

Care Business Training



Our intensive training will navigate you through Start-up to learning how to sell to Social Services, CCGs, and Case Managements to Recruitment to Staff Training.

Focusing on:

Sales Fundamentals

Ofsted Registration

CQC Registration and Notification


Effective Rostering

How to sell to Social Services, CCGs, Case Management and Local Authorities




Recruitment — finding, interviewing, hiring and training new staff — is a lengthy, expensive, and utterly vital process. We will support you with comprehensive assessment of an individual's competence and compliance skills. Talents are hard to find and it's so easy to waste time and money on unsuitable candidates. You must design a plan and execute on that plan to achieve your recruitment targets. Achieving the targets is paramount to your business’s profitability.

Care Documentation

Our documents are designed to support quality care services from Administration, HR, Care Management. Our Policy & Procedures are bespoke documents that are unique to different businesses. We are experienced in carrying out due diligence audits and reports, covering compliance, care plan, risk assessment and safeguarding issues. We keep clients’ costs down and make sure projects are delivered on time and as specified.

Counselling and Mentoring



We invest in the success of our clients. Our team comprises of experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate consultants, those who possesses the attributes of a good mentor and trainer that have successfully turned around issues and services that have been under special measures and we continue to lead on many personal and business strategies.



   From £1500   

Excl VAT

Company Formation

Digital Certificate of Incorporation

Free phone set up

Office Space Support

Information & Guidance

Business Branding and Printing

Application Form

Basic Forms

Introduction Letter

Website Set up and Design

Public Liability Insurance

Job Description

Staff Training



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Basic* +

Business Plan

Management Training

Sales Planning

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Tools


File Management

Quality Statement

Local Authority Letter

Social Media Set Up

Recruitment Process

Member Assessment

Care Certificate

DBS Checking


PPE Guides

*Terms and Conditions Applies



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Medium* +

Operational Management

Complete Care Policies

and Procedures

Ofsted/CQC Registration

Online Rostering and Workface Management Software

Compliance and Regulation

Quality & Assurance System

Intermediate Care

Children and Young Service Care

Complex Care

Case Management

Dementia Care

Private Homecare

Risk Assessment


File Audit


Client Rates

ID Badges

*Terms and Conditions Applies

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