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We are not a franchisor who demands you to deposit thousands before training you to run a location of their business. It is important to remember that not every business should be franchised. Not every business is successful, nor is every business person.

We empower you to own your company, trademarks, and products. We train you to evaluate and understand the role and responsibilities that you will be undertaking as a business owner.

As a consultant and trainer we will be taking what works and what has worked in care business and formalizing these systems and procedures so that they may be taught to and implemented by your own business.

As such, our services will include:

Start Up of New Business or Reinvigorate Exisiting Business: Our start up service is designed for organisations or individuals looking for a new start up for domicilliary care or supported accomodation. Our primary responsibilities to reinvigorate exisiting business will relate to establishing a marketing foundation focused on promoting your brand, legally protecting your trademarks and establishing quality standards for your products and/or services. You will be required to establish and maintain performance standards respecting the guidance and standards set by regulatory body to deliver quality of care.

Leadership: Don't ever forget that you can be your own boss. It's up to you to set examples of the type of working environment and mentality you want in your staff and business. How it gets steered is up to you.

Brand Building: Your brand is what makes you stand out.

Employee Training: We have training sessions for management to take back ownership. Our full package courses, can be an invaluable help.

Providing On-going Support: Support includes technical and day-to-day operating advice. Part of our responsibility helps to oversee the entire operations of your network.

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Potential and Existing

Care Business Support


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Can I negotiate on cost?

We know however that our rates are competitive and we certainly understand the need to provide good value for money. Typically, you can spread the cost for up to 4 months. We operate on a monthly retainer fee for most of our clients, covering a ‘menu’ of support services. We also charge an hourly or daily rate for ‘one off’ jobs – which can be discounted where an ongoing contractual relationship is established. We're very happy to discuss your particular requirements and then indicate a likely cost. We can be more specific on costings once we have had a chance to have a look at your business and gain an understanding of how you work and the level of support necessary.


What types of firms and businesses do you provide support to?

We are dedicated specialists covering the majority of Ofsted and CQC Regulated agencies and individuals. We also support other businesses and charities. 


Are you restricted to a particular geographical area?

No, we operate throughout the UK. We are happy to travel as necessary and we make use of the latest technology to maximise efficiency.


Will we have the same consultant looking after us or will they keep changing?

We understand the value of good relationships and, with that in mind, you will be assigned a dedicated Consultant who will work to develop a sound understanding of the way your business operates. So, wherever possible you will usually deal with the same lead consultant. We also like to develop secondary contacts to cover events like holidays or where specialist skills are required.




Call us: 0800 68 93931

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